Children's Jumping Castles


Our KIDS JUMPERS (5.5m x 4.5m)

Our kids jumpers are a perfect size jumping castle for most backyards in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich areas .You have 3 kids jumping castles to choose from for hire. We have our kids Sports Arena which has a semi attached roof and a basket ball ring inside the jumping castle. This kids jumping Castle is also in-closed , which is great for toddlers and smaller children. Each wall has a see through mesh on it which allows the parents full view of their child playing in the jumping castle.The kids Pink castle also has a semi attached roof but is open ended with a giant pillow step out the front to catch those over enthusiastic jumpers from existing the jumping castle too fast . The Dragon jumping castle has a fixed stitched roof which is a good option if it looks like light showers on the day. This kids jumping castle also has a giant pillow out the front. All 3 kids jumping castles have meshed sides for parents reassurance while their child is playing in the jumping castles. These are ideally suited to smaller children but all the jumping castles have a 450 kg safe working load so even mums and dads and adult brothers and sisters can have a jump and play with their kids in the jumping castles.

**delivery fee's are based on a 50km radius which covers most Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich areas.

       The Sports Arena                      The Pink Castle                    The Green Dragon Castle


Party hire        ( 3hrs)    $150**

Half day rates  ( 4hrs )   $175**

Full day rates  ( 8hrs )   $225**

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Toddlers combo (4.5m x 6m)

This toddlers jumping castle is best suited hire option to children 5 and under. This toddlers jumping castle is low to the ground and has a smaller slide then our other kids jumping castle combo's. The toddlers jumping castle slide has guides and a flat ramp at the end for toddlers safety. The toddlers jumping castle has a smaller bound house with a 3 step ladder to the slide which exits the jumping castle to the left. We highly recommend this jumping castle for kids 5 and under.

             The Purple Dragon Combo  6m W x 5.5m L








Party Hire       (3hrs)    $150**

Half day rate   (4hrs)    $175**

Full day rate    (8hrs)    $225

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KIDS COMBO SLIDE ( 5.5m x 6m min required)

Our Kids slide combo range jumping castles vary in sizes and shapes. All kids combo jumping castles have a internal slide that kids are required to climb and go down, these are developed one way to ensure the children's safety while playing in the jumping castle. Both the Tiger and Dora jumping castles have fixed roofs on them. The Tropical has a semi attached roof and the Princess doesnt have a roof at all, these are completely open for maximum air exposure as the children tend to over heat in bigger jumping castles .The Princess, Dora, Pink slide, Super hero and double slide jumping castles all have extra pontoons in them for children to knock over and play on. These add much more kids entertainment and enjoyment from your jumping castle hire. These kids jumping castles have a 550 kg safe working load so adults (limited) can enjoy them with their kids too.

**delivery prices are based on a 50km radius from ormeau which covers most Brisbane and Gold Coast areas.


     The Tiger 5.5mx5.5m                  Tropical Combo 5.5mx5.5m           The Princess Combo 6mx6.5m      


          Dora Combo 5.5mx4.5m            Pink slide combo (new) 6mx5m



Party hire       ( 3hrs)    $225**

Half day rates ( 4hrs )   $250**

Full day rates ( 8hrs )   $275**

*All kids jumping castles require 2 power points as they need 2 blowers on them.

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Adult Rated Jumping Castles



Our giant adult jumpers are adult rated jumping castles for all hire occasions. If you are a parent or adult wanting a bigger jumping castle for your bigger then usual adult party , these adult jumping castles are for you ! These adult jumping castles are the more traditional style jumping castle . They make a great 21st or 18th adult party go wild!! One of these adult jumping castles will be a must for that party you want everyone to remember !! These adult jumping castles can take up to 9 adults and up to 16 children at a time.

             Giant Pink (new) 6mx5m                                   Giant Clown (new) 5mx6m


Half day rates (4 hours)  $300

Full Day rates (8 hours)   $325


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Super hero Combo 6.5m x 6.5m                                   Club Bounce 6.5m x 5.5m          



      Transformer 3     6.5m x 6.5m 















Half day $325  (4 hours)

Full day $350  (8 hours)



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Double dry/wet  slide-Status -Getting repaired,

Want that hot day to be cooled down by a giant water slide? well here is our answer to a summers day of fun at home. This jumping castle is HUGE !!! it measures 6.5 x 6.5m and is over 5 meters tall !! This jumping castle can be used wet or dry, because of the size of this jumping castle it needs 2 blowers to support the 700kg it can take. When hiring this jumping castle you need to allow 45 minutes to an hour of drying time after your party or event or a dry out surcharge may apply .

Full day hire   $450

Delivery for this castle is not a standard charge , Due to its size and weight it requires 2 men and specialized equipment to deliver and set it up. Please inquire for a delivery price to your area .



These will set off any adult party !!! These are great for adult events and parties .Before booking these check out our package deals with them, we offer both of them for a massively discounted price. The bouncy boxing comes with a full sized adult boxing ring, over sized adult novelty gloves and a pair of protective head gear for those big swingers . The sumo suits are a 1 size fits all model, they are not inflatable but fully padded and are alot heavier then they look when on. The adult sumo suits come with 2 suits 2 sumo helmets and a sumo matt, which is a padded flat ring for opponents to face off on. Never hired these before and have more questions? contact us with any question you wish.

 Bouncy Boxing (which includes large gloves and head gear)        Sumo suits Adults 12 upwards 


                     4.5m x 5.5m

Half day rates ( 4hrs )                     $250**

Full day or over night rates ( 8hrs )   $300**


Just in NEW Kids Sumo Suits !!!!!!! for ages 5-12


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Important information :


About your jumping castle hire


Jumping Castle add ons and requirements

Deposit of $50 is required to secure your booking for your jumping castle hire or $100 for a jumping castle package hire. This will be asked to be payed within 7 days of your confirmation being sent to you for your approval to make sure we have everything right for your party hire. If this is not payed in this time you will receive a reminder email with another 7 days, if the deposit remains unpaid your jumping castle hire may be booked to another client.

Should you decide to cancel your booking, the deposit is with held and yours to reuse for up to 3 months from your booking date. The deposit is forfeited if you decide not to rebook .The booking will need to be made inside of the 3 month period. This is the same policy we have in place for rain or wet days.

Supervision can be supplied with your jumping castle hire or jumping castle package for an additional $30 per hour, minimum of 4 hours. For public holidays please ring for a quote. We can supply supervisors with blue cards at your request. We also charge 1 hour traveling time for your supervisor this can be included in the minimum time if you fall under this.

All jumping castle hire and machines hire require a power source within 20 meters of where they are to be set up. Each jumping castle air blower needs its own dedicated power outlet. These require alot of electrical current to operate and can not share a outlet. They can not be used with double adapters or power boards. We can not run anymore then 1, 25 meter extension cord for each electrical appliance. Most of our machines will not be able to share lines with other appliances as there are commercial grade machines and require most of the load supplied from an outlet, please ensure you have at least one port for each machine available. We can supply a generator if need be for a half day rate or full day rate, conditions apply. If you wish to source your own ,please ring us to find out the size of the generator you will need to power your jumping castle and machines.

Public holidays incur a $50 surcharge for all jumping castle hire, this will be a one off fee added to the total of the hire.

Christmas day, Boxing Day and New years day, these will incur a 75% surcharge on hire rates but no delivery charge will be charged (minimum hire 4 hours), except jumping castle packages.

Packages will incur a 40% surcharge. The customer must be able to receive any goods the day before ,for these days. Any special requests please call for a quote.

**Being a family run business we value these days with our own family, Also being driven by customer service we would still like our customers to have the option to hold events on these days.

**Delivery charges are $25 for every metro hire within 50km from Ormeau .This covers most of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich areas. This price is applicable to all jumping castle hire and jumping castle packages.

Beyond the 50 km's will need to be a FULL day hire minimum and will also be a additional $25 for up to 75 km from Ormeau. Any further distances please email us for a quote. These guidelines are for all metro areas. Which means if you live in a rural area such as Beaudesert or Ocean View you will be charged accordingly ,often these jobs are a one off party in that area. All distances can be checked via google maps, click the link, then click on "directions"(top left hand side) to check your distance from Ormeau 4208. (,147.324994&spn=0.007846,0.021136&ctz=-600&t=m&z=16)

Over night rates are charged a additional $100 to a jumping castle or $150 for a package hire. A $100 bond will be required for all over night hires. This will be refunded on pick up provided the equipment is not soaking wet or heavily soiled . If it rains a full bond will be refunded on the castle.

DELIVERY Times , We dont book any jumping castle or jumping castle package pick ups or drop offs before 9.30am and after 5.30pm , unless we are really busy. If you require this ,a quote can be given for a late night pick upor early morning drop off. We are quite happy to arrange a earlier drop off if you need it. Conditions apply to over night hires.

We also require you to be able to possibly take your jumping castle or jumping castle package the day before if we are extremely busy. We also require you to be able to take your castle up to 4 or 5 hours before your hire starts, this will be asked from time to time to help with getting to every ones party on time. We do our best to work in with everybody and their party starting times.

Loot bags offered in the jumping castle packages packages contain a small toy and a selection of lollies. If any extras are needed we charge $2 per bag. If you would like to add something to the bags we are happy to do this at the cost of the items.

Extra Products

Slushy / daiquiri machine (per day)

A slushy machine hire is a great way to keep your guests wow factor going with your jumping castle hire. These come with a great range of slushy flavors and will help with the catering aspects of your party as you don't need esky's, ice and fridges to keep your drinks chilled. This slushy machine hire will keep every ones thirst at bay while you are entertaining your guests. It comes with a refrigerated option too so you can hire it and put your own mixes in it if you wish .conditions apply.

Price: $150 with any jumping castle hire   Click here for a package deal!!

 or      $220 on its own without a jumping castle hire, delivery not included in price

both prices include 20L of slushy mix. 10L of each choice of any flavour ,cups and straws are also provided. Heaps of traditional slushy flavours to choose from including a wide range of cocktail slushy mixes. Just add your own alcohol. Contact us for a list of flavours! 

Warning: From time to time slushy machine's dont slush properly. Most machines need around 3 hours to slush for a party. If this does not happen within 2-3 hours you need to contact us straight away with any concerns. Its usually as simple as resetting the machine which we can talk you through . In most cases we allow ample time for this.


Snow Cone machine (per day) 


Our snow cone machine hire are a popular choice for a cool surprise at your jumping castle party. The Snow Cone machine doesn't have to be constantly supervised and is perfect for a hot Queensland day in Brisbane, Ipswich or Gold Coast climates. The only thing you will need to do is supply your own ice. We have a a big range of flavours that you pick for your jumping castle hire party. The Snow Cone machine works alot like a common blender you simply feed the ice into the machine and scoop out the ice into a cone and add your favoritte flavour to the top. This can be a much better option if you have a cheaper budget in mind but still want some cool cold fun with your jumping castle hire.

Price:  $ 100 with jumping castle hire

           $ 150 without jumping castle hire

Popcorn machine (per day)

A popcorn machine hire is great for those carnival styled parties or events with your jumping castle hire. These will instantly bring back memories of the fete day or Brisbane show when you have this at your event. We are supplied by the same suppliers of your local movie theater !! Popcorn machine hire is a great addition to your jumping castle hire and party in general. Its also a popular choice for parents who don't want to add to the kids sugar intake at their party.

Price: $100 with any jumping castle hire   Click here for a package deal !!

or       $150 without jumping castle hire

Both prices include popcorn, popping oil, butter salt and popcorn bags for 50 .


Fairy floss machine (per day)

Fairy floss..... Not many people don't like fairy floss.These commercial fairy floss machines are designed for anyone to use. You will be instantly hooked on the fresh warm fairy floss these fair floss machines produce. Adults are usually the ones polishing this off at the kids parties as they are often reminded of how much they enjoyed it as a child. Fairy floss machine hire can be a true centre point to any party and best accompanied with a jumping castle hire to help burn off all that sugar energy. Fairy floss machine hire will often get everyone talking about how good the fairy floss is and can help the party get socialising quickly. We have all the original fairy floss flavours and some pretty out there flavours but all are worth trying. To watch a video on how our fairy floss machines work and how to operate them click on the word "Fairy Floss Brisbane" to watch our video on the 5 easy steps to operating our machines


Price: $100 with any jumping castle hire    Click here for a package deal !!

or       $150 without jumping castle hire

both prices include enough fairy floss sugar, and sticks to serve 40-50, a selection of fairy floss flavours are available and additional fairy floss in 500g lots with 50 sticks for $15. Contact us for exclusive flavours!



40x balloons air filled balloons in your choice of colours and arrangements. These are supplied for jumping castle hire packages only. We do not just supply balloons for parties unless they have hired a jumping castle or jumping castle package from us.

Click here for a package deal !!




Thinking of having your jumping castle or party in a park or right down the back of your property? No need to worry we can supply the generators at half the cost of hiring them else where.

We can supply a 5.5Kva generator that will power up to two jumping castles at a time*. Half day hire rates apply to packages.


Price: 5kva  4 hours                        $50 with any jumping castle or machine hire 

                   8 hours or over night    $70 with any jumping castle or machine hire  



Each machine will come with a full tank of fuel ,which will last roughly 10-12 hours,  any extra fuel needed will be up to the hirer to supply or can be supplied at an additional cost. Conditions apply to the hire.         

Warning: Generators from time to time stall, they may require you to restart them onsite if this happens. If this occurs please notify us straight away to avoid any disappointment with your jumping castle hire or party. Castles 4 Jumping does not take any responsibility for the generators stalling at any time. We will however do everything possible to rectify a situation for you , should you get stuck on restarting them. All generators are tested and serviced every 50 hours. 

* can power up to 2 jumping castle's with single blowers. Not castles that require two blowers, in this case only 1 jumping castle. 


Tables and Chairs

If you wish to ONLY hire tables and chairs there will be a minimum charge of $150 , this may or may not include your delivery depending on your location. Check out our jumping castle packages to find these items already included at a discounted rate.

Long tables:                           $12 per day/night

Plastic chairs:                         $2 each per day/night

Small kids table and chairs:     $10 a set per day/night


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