The growth and development of children is rapid mainly in the first five years in the streams majorly motor, language and communication, cognitive and social and emotional. It is very important to give the child the best environment so that they can develop through these areas so they can grow up well. It is the duty of the parent to make the situation and help in the child growth and development so that they can become good adults later on in their lives.

Simple activitiesmake a big difference, you can contribute to the development of a child starting from the birth. Looking after the child physically is also very important.

It is very important to talk to your baby, give him/her visual stimulus, auditory stimulus, tactile stimulus and help the child engage in different things as they grow.

Sing songs and read books

Read to your child and sing to them so you help improve their language and communication as well as trigger their imagination area. Encourage them to sing with you as well. Play his/ her favourite music or read his/ her favourite book and while reading the book you can encourage them to imagine the things you are describing and also show them what you are reading and describe the pictures to them or ask them about what’s going on in the picture based on what you read.

Help identify different sounds

The sound of some objects or things are quite unique, teach your children these things, the sound of birds chirping, water flowing, animal sounds and ask them next time to identify the sound they hear or which you may play for them.

Try out different activities together

If your child has come to a level where he or she can actively engage in drawing or doing handwork you can get a kids craft packs to use.

Teach them the alphabet

There are nursery rhymes of alphabet you can teach that song to your child and help them with identifying the letters and you can also do some home activity with cut out pieces of the alphabet and you ask your child to pick out a letter. Or you can place the alphabet in different location in a room and ask your child to bring all the letters they can find and arrange the alphabet with them.

Teach them the shapes

Shapes are there all around us, so when you are playing with them point at different objects and name the shape, for example you can show your clock and tell that it is a circle and you ask the child what other circle objects he/ she can find.


For a child to develop his thinking skills it is very important to ask question, ask questions like why is it important to wash your hands before eating or why it is important to walk slowly down the stairs. Asking questions like this will help him to think and encourage problem solving.