The first year is one of the toughest times of your journey with your baby that’s why it is just perfect to make your little one’s first birthday extra memorable and special. In just a year, you have witnessed a lot of milestones your baby experienced. They all grow up so fast that’s why every moment with them is special and worth treasuring.

If it’s your first time planning a baby’s birthday, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a simple guide on how to plan a successful and unforgettable first birthday for your little one.

Start With a Small Guest List

While most kids would enjoy a party with plenty of guests, babies aren’t that much aware of their surroundings yet. Some of them might even feel overwhelmed with so much commotion around them. When planning your baby’s birthday, start by creating a small guest list. Invite those people who are significant to your baby’s life. With this, they get to bond with the birthday celebrant in an intimate gathering.

Set the Party Based on Your Baby’s Schedule

Babies have different sleep patterns and schedules compared to bigger kids. When setting the party, look for the time when your baby is feeling his or her best. For instance, if your baby usually naps around noon, you could set the party in the afternoon after naptime.

Create and Send Invitations

When all the party details are set, it’s time to send the invitations. Aside from the photo of your child, be sure to put in all the essential details in the invitation such as the start/end time, date, dress code, etc. You might want to consider digital invitations since they are easier and more convenient to send wherever the receiver is.

Select a Theme

This is one of the fun parts in planning a birthday. Choosing a theme makes it a lot easier to decorate the venue and choose an outfit for your little one. The theme also plays a huge role in setting the mood of the party. There are plenty of themes to choose from. You could go for simple colour-themed party, character themed, and many more. Aside from the decorations, choose an outfit for the birthday boy or girl that suits the theme. If you’re looking for tutu dresses for girls, this collection has a lot of themed dresses for your baby.

Food and Drinks

First birthday parties usually last for just a few hours so there’s no need to serve a full course meal. Look for delicious treats and snacks that both kids and adults would enjoy. Be sure let the guests have their taste of the cake as well.

Photo shoot

Lastly, preserve all those happy moments in pictures by having a little photo-shoot with the guests. since you’ll be having so much things at hand, it is best to hire a professional for this task and get beautiful shots.

When planning a first birthday, keep in mind that your baby is the star of the event. Don’t worry about the little things that didn’t go as planned. As long as your baby is happy and enjoying, it is a great success.