Sensory play refers to any sort of activity that stimulates the senses of children. These senses are smell, sight, taste, hearing and touch. These senses help us make sense of what is happening around us. It is important to help children develop these senses at a young age itself.

Here are some benefits of including sensory play in your child’s routine:

It supports cognitive development

Sensory play helps kids develop their brain. It also helps enhance their memory. By frequently engaging in sensory play, kids also are able to improve their ability to complete more complex activities. If your child is suffering from a developmental condition such as autism then there are numerous fun sensory toys for kids with autism that would really help them.

Encourages the development of motor skills

By exposing your children to sensory play, both their fine and gross motor skills will develop. Fine motor skills revolve around the ability to coordinate smaller groups of muscles for tasks such as writing while gross motor skills involve coordination of larger groups of muscles for activities such as running. As sensory play encourages kids to move about this helps develop their motor skills.

Supports language development

By using all of their senses, children are able to learn and compare objects and situations. Using multiple senses at the same time will help develop their language skills and promote learning descriptive words.This is very useful for children who are not well-versed in the primary language of the country they reside in.

Promotes scientific thinking

Sensory play promotes logical and scientific thinking by allowing children to do their own research, come up with their own conclusions and experiment on their own. By helping kids to think logically, they are able to discover new things about the world which they were not aware of before.

Suitable for all kids

As sensory play has no right or wrong way of engaging in it, it promotes an all-inclusive environment. These activities are especially beneficial for children with special needs and children who speak a second language. They are also useful for children who like approaching things with a practical aspect to it.

Sensory play is calming and comforting

Sensory play helps children get absorbed in play thus calming them if they are agitated or restless. By using multiple senses, children can be distracted if they are upset or in any sort of discomfort. It also allows them to be mindful.

Assist children in differentiation and identifying attributes

Through this type of play, children are able to observe the difference between colours, sounds and smells. They are also able to identify the different attributes of an object by using their senses.

There are various sensory toys which can be purchased in order to promote sensory play. Sensory play provides an effective way to develop a child’s brain at a young age itself. It also helps them understand and differentiate between different types of objects and people. As sensory play benefits children in numerous ways, take the initiative to incorporate it into their playtime.